Morning Routine III

Morning Routine Annemieke Boots

Another morning, another ritual… Let us introduce you to ceramic artist Annemieke Boots and her morning routine.

“My day always starts early, very early. Before Amsterdam wakes up, I’m already awake. The moment I wake up I go out of bed, make ginger tea and do a nice and calm yoga practice. I make a bowl with fresh fruit, while I’m reading the newspaper that I just picked up from the doormat. After having a shower, I bicycle to my studio.

The first thing I do is checking the ceramics that I left on the turntable the other day, to see if I can finish them of or if I have to dry them a bit longer. I prepare some stuff that I want to do for the day and make coffee. With home-made oatmeal-blueberry muffins (recipe from ‘Good Morning’ by Food Bandits) and coffee I have my second breakfast and while eating I check my Instagram and e-mails.”

Morning Routine Annemieke Boots

Morning Routine Annemieke Boots

Thank you, Annemieke, for showing us a glimpse of your morning routine. Find more of Annemieke’s work on her website or on Instagram.

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